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Panoramic view of care home grounds showing surrounding buildings and pathway in the centre

Care home with grounds and gardens

care home and daffodils


The Lindens Care Home in Milton Keynes is set within beautiful gardens amongst the countryside of Buckinghamshire. The majestic Wellingtonia Tree (originally so named in reference to the Duke of Wellington and now classified as a Sequoiadendron giganteum)  which sits at the front of the property continues to welcome visitors, as it has done now for over 100 years.


Your loved one and their guests will be able to enjoy our extensive gardens as they form a beautiful and tranquil setting for socialising and quiet reflection. The Grand Union Canal forms the boundary line of our property and provides a habitat to many small creatures.

Terraced and shaded seating area with a brook and lawn in the rear


The Lindens Care Home has excellent access to major routes, Luton Airport and local Milton Keynes and Bletchley train stations, making it ideal for relatives and friends who come to visit. For more information about The Lindens Care Home or our long term care services, please contact us directly.

"A pleasant surprise to find a house and extensive meadow garden so well set out providing air, space, views and ample parking and ambulance access. Public rooms are furnished in comfort and taste providing a superior non-institutional ambience. Bedrooms are of a similarly high standard. To suit disabilities, “hospital” type adjustable beds are available.
All levels of personal care are provided by trained, cheerful staff at appropriate levels, supported by laundry and cleaning staff.
Food is good and well prepared and specialties arranged for occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.
Outside medical aid is summoned if required and for day appointments at the local hospital/medical centres, admin staff will arrange transport and escort as required."

- James M

Lindens tree icon
To arrange a visit to The Lindens or to find out more about our gardens, please call us on 01908 371705
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