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“Glad to Care Week”

The truth about being a care worker…

One of the most demanding yet fulfilling professions out there. Long hours and emotional strain.

It’s unpredictable days, it’s shedding tears in private and walking back out with a smile on your face, it’s comforting a 90 year old who only wishes to find their mum and dad, it’s entering a different world with every resident you speak to, it’s spending more time with another’s grandparents than your own and it’s a million cups of tea!

Forming deep bonds with those you care for, only to see their health decline, is heart-wrenching.

Despite this, being a care worker is profoundly rewarding. The relationships you build, the smiles you bring, and the difference you make in someone's life provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment that is hard to find elsewhere.

The little moments far outweigh the challenges.

That’s why, The Lindens are glad to care. 

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